Lavido is a natural, therapeutic skin and body care line specializing in herbal plant chemistry with clinically proven results.

Originating from the beautiful and lush Galilee valley a remote, untouched region of Israel, a country know for its agriculture and green technologies, Lavido was born in 2003 from a passion for herbal chemistry and a need for natural products that work better than conventional ones.

We proudly create natural skin & body care products that do not contain any parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes or fragrances, alcohol, PEG, SLS & we do not use any animal products or do animal testing.

“All of our skincare products are dermatologically tested as well as clinically proven, so we don’t just make claims- we make change!”

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About Ido

Ido Magal’s fondest childhood memories are of communing with nature. From helping his aunt and uncle raise honeybees and horses, to tending his grandmother’s beloved organic garden, Ido has always reveled in the rhythms of nature.

In his early twenties, Ido finished his studies in herbal and plant chemistry and opted to trade the city life for country living and to start a farm in the heart of the Galilee’s Jezreel Valley. Shortly thereafter, he made his first product, an all-natural baby cream, and Lavido was born in 2003.

Ons verhaal

Lavido werd in 2003 opgericht door herbalist Ido Magal. Wat begon als een bedrijf van eigen bodem is nu uitgegroeid tot het grootste natuurlijke en biologische huidverzorgingsbedrijf in Israël met 650 retailers, 4 flagship stores en een educatief Lavido bezoekerscentrum in Nahalal. Lavido werd in 2015 in de Verenigde Staten gelanceerd en is snel een favoriet geworden van luxe boetieks en apotheken in euro-stijl in het hele land. Sinds 2018 is Lavido ook verkrijgbaar in Nederland.

“Use as many natural ingredients as possible for anything that goes in and on your body.” – Ido Magal, Founder of Lavido

Ido Magal founder of Lavido


Lavido’s commitment to progressive technologies through innovation and research is exemplified by our use of ingredients such as plant-based hyaluronic acid, while the extraction methods we use ensure a highly effective product.

Our oils are diffused, infused, or cold-pressed using the most natural extraction processes including mechanical extraction, a non-chemical water-based distillation process that separates the vital oils from liquids. Mechanical extraction best retains the active essentials of the plant, nut, or seed being used.

Lavido is equally committed to cutting-edge technologies, provided they meet strict natural guidelines, such as CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is an eco-friendly chemical process that retains the active qualities of the plant and also allows for selective essences to be extracted.

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