Invite Aroma Therapy Into Your Life

Ido Magal founder of Lavido


“Invite aromatherapy into your life, it’s truly effective when it comes to de-stressing the mind & Body.” – Ido Magal, founder Lavido Natural Skincare

Is aromatherapy part of your holistic home? Our founder, Ido Magal, has a passion for natural skincare which has always been tied to exceptional aromas. His first memorable experience was with jasmine and neroli blossom which can be found all over the Galilee. Ido’s ideology about communing with nature resulted in the products we offer today. Ido has always revealed in the rhythms of nature. In his early twenties, Ido finished his studies in herbal and plant chemistry and opted to trade the city life for country living and to start a farm in the heart of the Galilee’s Jezreel Valley. Shortly after, he made his first product, an all-natural baby cream, and Lavido was born in 2003. What began as a homegrown business has now grown into the largest natural and organic skincare company in Israel, exporting all over the world.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy literally stands for therapy with scents. It is considered to be a form of herbal medicine or alternative medicine, based on the use of etheric oils extracted from herbs, flowers and plants. There are studies that indicate positive effects for body and mind. Although research is relatively little conducted, findings are extraordinary. There are multiple etheric oils found to have antibacterial and antiviral effect. For example eucalyptus oil is often used to ease discomfort of coughing.

Lavenderoil has a healing effect on small wounds on the skin, and tea tree oil – a base element of our GreenAid™ products – helps treating fungal infections. Bergamot is considered a key ingredient in stress therapy. Our skin and body care products are all based unique formulas that include the invigorating aromas of carefully selected ingredients.

How to use essential oils

When you are interested in engaging in aromatherapy you should always consult a professional. Essential oils are powerful substances that require careful use. Aroma therapists are using different ways to apply the therapy. Mostly based on experience and personal knowledge a treatment is composed. Oils can be diffused in the air, inhaled in a vaporised form, or applied to the body through for example massage or therapeutic skin care. To diffuse etheric oils in the air, an aroma lamp can be used. For direct inhalation a few drops on a handkerchief suffice. Depending on the type of massage a few drops of etheric oils can be added to the massage oil to let the skin absorb the oil.

The essential oils in Lavido products

Lavido products are easy to use and can be applied directly to the skin. We have formulated our creams, serums, cleansers, toners, and body washes in a way it will be beneficial to your skin and body. Lavido is a natural face and body care company formulated with certified organic essential oils and active natural ingredients. We proudly create active natural skin care products with clinically proven effectiveness and the results are effective, balanced and luxurious blends for the face and body. Our products are dermatologically tested, vegan, and Gluten free.

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